WB-Mining combines the fun of playing with investing

Decentralized Social Game
It is the world's first real and interactive investment game of its kind. We have set ourselves the goal of revolutionizing the entertainment industry with a new concept.
Crowd Wisdom
The gold claim is managed by our community, all decisions are voted on through our WB-Mining mobile app and then implemented.
Rewards Mechanism
The mined gold on the gold claim is used to buy back and burn the WBM tokens. This is unique in the entire crypto world.


Imagine you open an app on your smartphone. It's a business and building sim about making smart decisions, expanding your empire and increasing your income.

With one difference: It’s real money and your choices affect real life. You make decisions together with other players and, thus, have a concrete influence on the course of the project in real life. This world-first concept is a milestone in the entertainment industry and sets a new standard for how we will think about money, community and investments. 

“Do you have what it takes to run a gold mine?”


Each player who buys the app automatically owns 1 WBM token (or a share of it, depending on the price) and, thus, also 1 voting right and claim to 1 share of the mined gold in the WBM.
As this is an experiment to determine swarm intelligence, each player will never have more than 1 voting right. This way we guarantee that the fun of the game is maintained and that the so-called whales do not call the shots.

Distribution of the Earnings
How exactly the gold will be distributed was decided on in a vote. WB-Mining sells the gold it finds. With the share of the earnings that is to be distributed to the players, BNB will be bought and exchanged for WBM and then burnt. This increases the value of the WBM token and everyone benefits.


The app is available for a one-time fee of $4.99 in the Play Store and AppStore. It can be used on smartphones and tablets. With the purchase of the app, each player receives an internal wallet and a WBM token or a share of it.
Each user account is personalized and receives 1 voting right and a share of the gold mined (paid out in WBM).


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Here is our full documents that help you to understand deeply about us and our operation

White Paper

Privacy & Policy



Various sites can also be viewed directly online


It is planned to place the WBM token on the following sites. 1. launchpad, 2. pancakeswap and 3. if possible in the app via PayPal. The first exchange is not expected until the end of 2022 at the earliest, as some requirements have to be met there and, depending on the provider, between 50,000 and 1,000,000 euros have to be paid for the listing.


A positive development depends on all of us, if we all have the same goal and work together towards it, the whole project can develop into a new hype. But any promise would just be window dressing. We are in the crypto market and everyone knows that nothing can be calculated here.


We see it as an experiment in swarm intelligence and do not want to leave all decisions to one person with a fat wallet.


The first claim “Patton Creek” is located about 140 km south of Dawson City (Canada).

The staked WB1 claim is located about 140 km from Dawson City towards the Black Hills. The creek flows into Maisy May Creek.

Pete’s claim, where we have been working for the last few months, is on Sulpher Creek, about 45 km from Dawson City.