Behind the fees

Due to many requests, we would like to publish an article on the exact process of the fees.

A fee of 8% is charged for each transaction. Of that 8% total, 2.5% is distributed as reflections to all owners, 1.5% for marketing, 1.5% for the team, 2.0% for the project, and 0.5% for burning.
Due to a small bug in our smart contract, the 1.5% team and 2.0% project tokens are not sent to the respective wallets but remain in the smart contract.
We had to repeatedly extract this 3.5% from the smart contract using the “rescueBEP20Tokens” function of the smart contract and send it to the corresponding wallets.
So that we no longer have to do this, we have built the following workaround:

8% fees remain unchanged

3.0% of each transaction fees goes to reflections
=> 0.5% reflections to burnwallet 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead
=> 2.5% reflections to all holders

5.0% of each transaction goes to the dispatcher wallet 0x838dc0d03C3D763F741B646d850EC4b0dfFF3d20
=> 1.5% are forwarded to the team wallet 0xc3dD47c5bdb837071E41Ee067cF2de25c968e625
=> 1.5% are forwarded to the marketing wallet 0x38265ca92C4cB89648A42842CFD17920f0e3da03
=> 2.0% are forwarded to the project wallet 0x8B43aaCE38f536f21698AC2C3969FA4F64563f35


Excluded wallets from reflections & fees:

dispatcher multisig wallet

Distributes WBM to team, marketing and project wallets.

team multisig wallet

Pays employees’ wages in WBM. The employees pay 8% fees when swap $WBM to any other value.

marketing multisig wallet

Pays for the marketing campaigns

project multisig wallet

Pays for the project costs such as audit, external employees, mobile app, licenses, etc.

listings multisig wallet

Holds the WBM tokens and other funds for listings on CEX

buyback & burn wallet (not excluded from fees)

Wallet for periodical Buyback & Burn events


liquidity pools

locked tokens

vested tokens

banned wallet


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