Cyber Attack

Our exchange wallet with the address 0xA29492eA9d12B91821f5921D366f6950E619Be5D, from which we exchanged WBM to BNB for listing on a CEX, was compromised with a malware and became a victim of a cyber attack.
In the last 3 days, 34 BNB worth approx. 9’500 USD were stolen, rounded up, forwarded to the address 0xc30c43c5f484d29fbd8f0bf361319795e120015d and from there forwarded to a multi-million dollar wallet 0xfa500178de024bf43cfa69b7e636a28ab68f2741.

Our exchange wallet with the address 0xA29492eA9d12B91821f5921D366f6950E619Be5D (tx) was immediately blacklisted on our part so that the remaining 86,781.6 WBMs can no longer be moved from this wallet. 
As an additional countermeasure, we will no longer use an exchange wallet, but will now only carry out all swaps via our MultiSig wallet, which requires 3 confirmations from 3 different team members for each transaction.

Compensation for the investors

As compensation for the investors, the working group has decided to distribute WBM tokens from our project wallet worth 34 BNB (50k WBM) via reflections:
630k WBM were sent to a WBM wallet (tx) and then immediately forwarded to another WBM wallet (tx) in this step 8% fees (50k WBM) including reflections were paid. After that we sent the balance back to the project wallet (tx)

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