Update: Cyber Attack


Continued from: https://wb-mining.com/2022/12/13/cyber-attack/

Almost 34 BNB (investors not affected) have been stolen from the team wallet in the past few weeks.

After research by Rocky and also a third independent company, the suspicion that the “hacker wallet” can be assigned to the former team member called “Crypto”. “Crypto” did not request cooperation to clarify the facts and he deleted all his social accounts.


It is important to note here that the project funds are secure. We gave “Crypto” access to a relatively small external wallet on a trust basis, where he stole BNB over 3 days.

Future and existing project funds (of any kind) are protected from access by third parties because all team, project and marketing funds are on MultiSig wallets (Gnosis Safe).

The team has already initiated a KYC against the CEO by all team members and further steps against “Crypto” are being discussed by the CEO and our lawyer.

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