🏆Announcing the winners of the New Year’s contest🏆


🥇 One winner
…is drawn by the buyers who bought more than 4k WBM

0x6407b429ed8666c3f16a8f25043295a432d8380e wins 5159.5 WBM

🥈🥈 Two winners
…are drawn by the buyers who bought between 1k and 4k WBM

0xdc4658c23b58bf790a435e888f27b1f7c6cf693c wins 1395.8 WBM
0xa3bb1dd58ba35c2aae580d8853c85ca820db8eff wins 1722.9 WBM

🥉🥉🥉 Three winners
…are drawn by the buyers who bought less than 1k WBM

0x4f3103d01783a9e75e4ee70ad3cf56c361bb00dd wins 10.4 WBM
0xddc8b971e7d3ab895693dbbf9bdb3a507ccd602f wins 588.3 WBM
0xabc78fed030cb746401744cc357f1743af6fd4fc wins 187.9 WBM


🥂The WB-Mining working group wishes everyone a happy new year 2023, good luck in the new year and congratulates the winners of the competition 🥳


Link to the Contest:


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