Customer satisfaction survey

Dear community

We are currently working on various optimizations of the project and need your feedback.
For this reason we are starting a survey.

You can give the feedback in German or English, we are very grateful for open and honest feedback.

As a thank you, 3x 1000 WBM will be raffled among all participants.

The survey ends on 02/01/2023 20:00 CET

WB-Mining Team

Part 1/5: About you

How did you hear about WB-Mining*

What kind of investor are you?*

Would you recommend WB-Mining to a friend or colleague?*

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with our company?*

Your public wallet address (only if you want to enter the competition)

Part 2/5: Website - release from January 19th

The design of the new website is...*

Does the website look professional to you?*

Which area of the website needs improvement the most?*

Open feedback about the website (english or german)

Part 3/5: Communication

The communication on the News-Blog is*

Would you like to receive a WB-Mining newsletter?*

What do you think of our presence on social media?*

Which chat platform would you like to have for the main chat?*

How do you experience our chat moderators?*

Open feedback about the communication (english or german)

Part 4/5: Marketing

What do you think of our marketing events?*

Which marketing campaign did you particularly like?*

What kind of marketing do you want the most?*

Open feedback about the marketing (english or german)

Part 5/5: Anything else?

Open feedback (english or german)


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