Summary of team meetings February 21 and February 28, 2023 

  • Prioritization of the most important work issues 
  • Marketing: We are looking for a professional provider for Google Ads who can guarantee that the advertising is continuously optimized. 
  • Various approaches for the transmission to different cloud providers were discussed for the streams. In the coming days, existing offers (cameras) and solutions (hardware) will be examined in order to be able to offer the community the best experiences in time for the new season. 
  • Mobile app: 1. Conversion of the app to CMS is progressing, a good intermediate status has been achieved. Since this is just programming, there’s nothing to show yet. 2. Further technical requirements for the app have been prioritized, will be worked out further and handed over to the developer (votes, stream) 
  • Consideration of a new section on HP: Vacancies. Current vacancy, Social Media Manager (Influencer) 
  • Pre-production of social posts for Twitter 

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