Summary of the team meeting on March 14, 2023

  1. WBM Baby Token: General Discussion. The Working Group is of the opinion that the final release can only be given with a contract in which the rights and obligations of both sides are recorded in writing (is being worked out).  
  1. APP further development: General development and status of the programmer. You can have a look at the mockup here (work in progress):   
    You are still welcome to bring in your ideas (PM to Thaddäus). 
  1. We have thought about how we can make it easier for you and us to access everything. You have already noticed the first step with the groups and their functions (NEWS / INT / FAN). 
    Telegram has released a new function (“Topics”, similar to Discord). From March 21st, 2023 we will switch the WB-Mining Telegram groups to topics (Discord Server will be shut down). If other languages are desired at a later date, that can be added easily.  
  1. From now on, KaffeeJunky will lead the community-relevant topics inside and outside the Working Group. 

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