🏆Announcing the winners of the Spring competition🏆

  One winner…is drawn by the buyers who bought more than 4k WBM 0xde47482ac7ec6d432894f549aaa89090caa06c0c wins 7000.0 WBM Two winners…are drawn by the buyers who bought between 1k and 4k WBM 0x03d556e30715b2e87064346a48f472fe53ad6eec wins 1646.4 WBM 0x452f34ed19f7915538ddd365836863c4a57dc6cb wins 3654.4 WBM Three winners…are drawn by the buyers who bought less than 1k WBM 0xa439bf83343563f87ae469ed177ea1ec0d9a1891 wins 230.0 WBM 0x912c3f1d1846ad38b989cec7eaa8d4c936f4b731 wins 406.4 WBM 0x1195fc7fdbf11d64cf1fe04122aa37db21544e19 wins 498.9 […]

My personal situation

The state of health of WB-Mining CEO Jochen Weinel has continued to deteriorate, so that he cannot participate in the gold claim for the entire season. We are looking for a good way for the project together with the community. Tonight at 8 p.m. CET there will be a call in Telegram, Jochen will be […]

What is WB-Mining NFT

The NFT Collection 2 “Lucky Me” is freely available on the market (opensea) and is limited to totally 378 NFTs.  The whole NFT collection is splitted in 8 different NFTs: Gold Dust, Gold Dust Special Edition, Gold Flake, Gold Flake Special Edition, Gold Nugget, Gold Nugget Special Edition, Gold Bar Special Edition, Gold Vein Special […]

What is WB-Mining

Double U-B Mining LLC is a real gold mining company.  We are mining gold on the “Lucky Me” Claim in Yukon Canada. A gold mine usually keeps the pure profits of 25% for themselves. Not WB-Mining! We sell 15% of all mined gold for buyback and burn the $WBM Tokens! In addition we sell another […]

Spring Competition

“Win your WBM investment” Rules: Every purchase transaction between 04.03 20:00 CET and 20.03 20:00 CET automatically participates The purchase transactions are not accumulated Each buyer can participate as often as they like Max WBM win is capped at 7k WBM. Winner:  One winner…is drawn by the buyers who bought more than 4k WBM  Two winners…are drawn by the […]

Buyback & Burn Event for the period Jan 2023

Dear Community We have good news The Buyback & Burn Report for January 2023 is ready.  Nov+Dec 2022 revenue from Google Playstore and Apple Store are included in January report. Buyback transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x65da58c16b3c72a5b2abca3b956aaaa5f041ac0296a8fe897853fd75a3af0b62  Burn transaction:  https://bscscan.com/tx/0xf386e526fc5d655bab22357adab3206306a77e06f6fbeb34c943e35f88822096  Check out the report https://wb-mining.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Buyback-Burn-Report-2023-01.pdf