Customer satisfaction survey

Dear community We are currently working on various optimizations of the project and need your feedback.For this reason we are starting a survey. You can give the feedback in German or English, we are very grateful for open and honest feedback. As a thank you, 3x 1000 WBM will be raffled among all participants. The […]

BKEX – WBM Trading Competition

The Trading Competition on BKEX started on January 18th, 7:00 am CET and last until January 25th, 7:00 CET. A total of 24000 $WBM are up for grabs! During the event, users who trade WBM/USDT on BKEX and reach the minimum trading volume will be rewarded according to the trading volume. For further details please […]

Project-Token Lock extended by 3 months

The Lock of 1,000,000 WBM project tokens expired yesterday, on January 14th 2023. As the tokens are not currently needed, the team has decided to extend the lock for another 3 months until the start of the gold mining season 2023. View all lock events on

Buyback & Burn Event for the period Nov+Dec 2022

Dear Community We have good news The Buyback & Burn Report for November and December 2022 is ready. Only the earnings from the Google Playstore could not be finally calculated, which is why these earnings have to be postponed to the next (January) Buyback and Burn Event. A new Gnosis safe has been set up […]

Final statement on the BKEX Listing

Dear community Good News:Trading of the WBM-Token on the BKEX exchange has been possible again since 14:00 CET. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, it is not possible to reset the WBM Chart on BKEX exchange without listing WBM under a new name, which would result in WBM being available twice on all platforms such as CMC […]

🏆Announcing the winners of the New Year’s contest🏆

  One winner…is drawn by the buyers who bought more than 4k WBM 0x6407b429ed8666c3f16a8f25043295a432d8380e wins 5159.5 WBM Two winners…are drawn by the buyers who bought between 1k and 4k WBM 0xdc4658c23b58bf790a435e888f27b1f7c6cf693c wins 1395.8 WBM0xa3bb1dd58ba35c2aae580d8853c85ca820db8eff wins 1722.9 WBM Three winners…are drawn by the buyers who bought less than 1k WBM 0x4f3103d01783a9e75e4ee70ad3cf56c361bb00dd wins 10.4 WBM0xddc8b971e7d3ab895693dbbf9bdb3a507ccd602f wins 588.3 WBM0xabc78fed030cb746401744cc357f1743af6fd4fc wins 187.9 WBM   The […]

Listing on BKEX

Dear Community The WB-Mining Token $WBM will be listed on the top 20 centralized Exchange BKEX tomorrow! Be a part of the great journey to the Yukon, Canada!

Splitting Project-Wallet

In order to further improve the overview and transparency of our project wallet, we have decided to further split the project wallet.   The previous wallet 0x8B43aaCE38f536f21698AC2C3969FA4F64563f35 remains and is only used for the project outputs. The 2.0% project fees will continue to flow into this wallet, which will cover various running costs.   In […]

Update: Cyber Attack

Incident Continued from: Almost 34 BNB (investors not affected) have been stolen from the team wallet in the past few weeks. After research by Rocky and also a third independent company, the suspicion that the “hacker wallet” can be assigned to the former team member called “Crypto”. “Crypto” did not request cooperation to clarify the […]