WB-Mining End of a Dream

Unfortunately, our project did not achieve the success that we all hoped for. I am therefore considering hiring a law firm to examine how the project can be completed and processed fairly and legally for everyone involved in the next few days. This review will likely take a few days. As soon as a corresponding […]

WB-MINING Real Funny Future Contest

The task: Create a picture with the WBM logo (e.g. printed out) in a funny real situation (the logo must not be added later). Of course, it must not endanger anyone or even show criminal acts! Submission: The picture must be sent to @Kaffee_Junky (on Telegram). The deadline for submissions is March 26, 6:00 p.m. […]

Summary Team Meeting March 07,2023

Involvement of the community in topics of the working group Setting up subgroups (community development, social media, etc.) to relieve the working group and involve the community. Helpers get access to Microsoft Teams to work with us on specific topics.  Jochen will focus more on the community and YouTube Jochen will focus more on YouTube and provide […]

30 Day Writing Contest

As you may have all noticed, the English-speaking Telegram group has been quite inactive since the split from the German-speaking members. To counteract this, we have considered a contest, this goes from 1/25/2023, 8:15 p.m. to 2/24/2023, 8:15 p.m We want to use the English group more actively again. The three members who are the […]

Customer satisfaction survey

Dear community We are currently working on various optimizations of the project and need your feedback.For this reason we are starting a survey. You can give the feedback in German or English, we are very grateful for open and honest feedback. As a thank you, 3x 1000 WBM will be raffled among all participants. The […]

Gold Fever Event 2023!

Before the team of WBMining starts to the Yukon there will be a big event and you have the possibility to take part in it. In cooperation with the gold panning camp in Wietze there will be gold panning, talking, celebrating and wishing the team of WBMining all the best for the gold season 2023 […]