Partnership with Hultafors Group

Dear community We have great news! WB-Mining and Hultafors Group have entered into a partnership. The Hultafours Group manufactures, among other things, highly durable work clothing and equipment for miners. The Hultafours Group will stock the entire WB-Mining team in the Yukon with workwear for the 2023 gold season. Soon we can present you the […]

BKEX – WBM Trading Competition

The Trading Competition on BKEX started on January 18th, 7:00 am CET and last until January 25th, 7:00 CET. A total of 24000 $WBM are up for grabs! During the event, users who trade WBM/USDT on BKEX and reach the minimum trading volume will be rewarded according to the trading volume. For further details please […]

Final statement on the BKEX Listing

Dear community Good News:Trading of the WBM-Token on the BKEX exchange has been possible again since 14:00 CET. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, it is not possible to reset the WBM Chart on BKEX exchange without listing WBM under a new name, which would result in WBM being available twice on all platforms such as CMC […]

Statement on the BKEX Listing

Dear Community We all imagined the start at BKEX differently. A mistake happened during the listing on BKEX, which is why the chart shows -97% after the listing on BKEX.This is causing us immense damage to our image. We are currently trying to find a solution with BKEX. At the same time, we are asking […]

Listing on BKEX

Dear Community The WB-Mining Token $WBM will be listed on the top 20 centralized Exchange BKEX tomorrow! Be a part of the great journey to the Yukon, Canada!

Listing of WB-Mining on CEX BKEX

Dear WB-Mining Community It’s decided.We have very good news and a big partnership! The CEO of WB-Mining Jochen Weinel has signed the contract for the listing of WB-Mining Token $WBM on the Top 20 (CMC/CG) CEX BKEX! The listing is scheduled for January 4th, 2023 BKEX will start a big marketing campaign for WB-Mining very soon

Binance Live Marketing Campaign

A major marketing campaign will start on December 12th at one of the largest Binance Live promoters. The campaign is supplemented in parallel by additional marketing measures, such as YouTube influencers from all over the world.The goal of this marketing campaign is to raise enough funds to fund a listing on a CEX and to […]