WB-Mining End of a Dream

Unfortunately, our project did not achieve the success that we all hoped for. I am therefore considering hiring a law firm to examine how the project can be completed and processed fairly and legally for everyone involved in the next few days. This review will likely take a few days. As soon as a corresponding […]

My personal situation

The state of health of WB-Mining CEO Jochen Weinel has continued to deteriorate, so that he cannot participate in the gold claim for the entire season. We are looking for a good way for the project together with the community. Tonight at 8 p.m. CET there will be a call in Telegram, Jochen will be […]

What is WB-Mining NFT

The NFT Collection 2 “Lucky Me” is freely available on the market (opensea) and is limited to totally 378 NFTs.  The whole NFT collection is splitted in 8 different NFTs: Gold Dust, Gold Dust Special Edition, Gold Flake, Gold Flake Special Edition, Gold Nugget, Gold Nugget Special Edition, Gold Bar Special Edition, Gold Vein Special […]

What is WB-Mining

Double U-B Mining LLC is a real gold mining company.  We are mining gold on the “Lucky Me” Claim in Yukon Canada. A gold mine usually keeps the pure profits of 25% for themselves. Not WB-Mining! We sell 15% of all mined gold for buyback and burn the $WBM Tokens! In addition we sell another […]