Project-Token Lock extended by 3 months

The Lock of 1,000,000 WBM project tokens expired yesterday, on January 14th 2023. As the tokens are not currently needed, the team has decided to extend the lock for another 3 months until the start of the gold mining season 2023. View all lock events on

Splitting Project-Wallet

In order to further improve the overview and transparency of our project wallet, we have decided to further split the project wallet.   The previous wallet 0x8B43aaCE38f536f21698AC2C3969FA4F64563f35 remains and is only used for the project outputs. The 2.0% project fees will continue to flow into this wallet, which will cover various running costs.   In […]

Behind the fees

Due to many requests, we would like to publish an article on the exact process of the fees. A fee of 8% is charged for each transaction. Of that 8% total, 2.5% is distributed as reflections to all owners, 1.5% for marketing, 1.5% for the team, 2.0% for the project, and 0.5% for burning.Due to […]